Hello and welcome. Cruise Ships News is a play site for me. I’m a travel agent and I love,Love, LOVE cruising. I wanted to create a site dedicated to Cruise Lines’ ships and the news about those ships. Since


this is starting in 2018, it will mainly feature information about current ship lines and their ships as of today. And I’ll hopefully add to it as I go along. Everything I find is curated from all over the website.

Unless it says (by Anthony Cooper) it is not by me. And it will most often list where it came from. If you have personal photos, videos or stories to share about the different ships, please feel free to send me an email and your stuff, listing your name and contact so if people want to respond they can and I have a way of knowing you stand behind your source.

Thank you and enjoy!

Since I’m a HUGE Carnival Fan, that’s where I’ll start first. Of course NCL, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Holland America, MSC and Disney all deserve to have pages up and running. 🙂  Look for the ships to the right.  


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